I decided I absolutely needed a fair isle dinosaur sweater I saw from Target. It was (of course) sold out online, so Andy and I trudged to Target to pick up the sweater and other items (like floss, my fav Duralash 135 fake lashes, and a SodaStream). Okay, so the sweater, floss, and lashes were my purchases. Andy probably wants me to make that point clear.Anyway, while walking in from the lot a random guy was talking with his friend, and paused to meow at us. He must have liked my leopard print gloves I was struggling to put on while walking. I guess I can’t handle activities like walking and putting gloves on at the same time.  


Let’s ignore the fact it looks like the dinosaur will bite my boob….

I was glad I got to work from home yesterday. I’m sure traffic was a mess! I was very excited my new order of nail wraps came in from NCLA too. I’ll have to do a nail wrap review soon. We kept up with our weekly trivia event and went to our usual spot. We didn’t do that great this week, but at least cracked the top ten. We second-guessed ourselves out of a few right answers, I’m sure we could have done better if we went with our gut. The bars weren’t as crowded as we thought and got bored after trivia. We went back to our place and played Rock Band. I’m sure our neighbors really appreciated our jam session. 


I can’t wait to try these mustache nail wraps! I didn’t get to pick our trivia name and it looks like the bar didn’t even let Thanksgiving happen before decorating for Christmas


My new skull top, Pumpkinhead in a football glass, and some yummy onion rings.

Thanksgiving was fun! My nephews didn’t wander in the woods and come back covered in ticks, at least we missed out on that this year. There was lots of tasty food at my brothers house. My brother and I both have Chromecast.  So, I hijacked his TV after the Lions beat the Packers to play some funny YouTube vids with family members. Before I left, one of my older nieces and I were dancing to the Sweet Brown video “Ain’t nobody got time for that“. I was good and worked out after I got home. WHO AM I?!


There was food for days and some football watched.


As if we needed more proof that we’re related, my nephew is also thankful for mac & cheese. He makes his auntie proud! Makes a cute bug, doesn’t he?! He was playing a ninja game on one of nieces phones (I have 8 nieces and nephews, BTW), and was cracking up laughing. Apparently the premise of the game is to flip the ninja.


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  1. That sweater is AMAZING. I will say it does look like that dinosaur is biting your boob, but I really think that adds to the charm and the awesome. He’s ferocious!

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