My friend Patrick was visiting his family for Thanksgiving and suggested we go to brunch with Nicole. We met up at Sound Bites, which was really good. I forgot how much of a pain it is to get to Somerville though, from where I now live. It’s not that far, but the way I went was a pain and will be finding another way to get there next time. I ended up driving through Harvard Square during some kind of Santa Run 5k, loads of people dressed like Santa jogging around. Andy and I will be back in that area again tomorrow since we’re grabbing the red line to go to the Museum of Science. I can’t wait, I love the MOS and having another day off!  I especially like going to the butterfly exhibit since Andy doesn’t like butterflies. For some reason the butterflies really like him, but I think it’s because of  his hair gel.I’m charging up my Canon Rebel to get butterfly blackmail photos of Andy. I will make him hold one! *cackles*



I got banana chocolate-chip pancakes, they were delicious! We took a shameless selfie outside the restaurant. I spotted some type of rock band sculpture on someone’s lawn while walking back to my car.


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