downloadAndy I and went to trivia this week and we almost won. We missed the 2 bonus questions that I didn’t want to wager on and that is how we ended up in 6th place. Oh well, at least we were in the lead for a while. It probably won’t happen again, but we can dream. We got a lot of easy questions this time. 


That is Andy’s trivia face!

I’m so happy it’s Friday, even though it’s crappy out and it’s supposed to snow tonight. Ugh, I’m never ready for snow! But at least it’s happening on a weekend and I don’t have to drive in it. This weekend we are heading out to a mead place. I’ve never had mead, but am 99% sure I won’t like it. I will at least sample some just to actualize my assumption.  Thankfully the place we’re going, has a decent beer selection, otherwise it could be a boring time for me.

 Some gracious co-worker brought in these amazing donuts today. I don’t even want to call them donuts, since they are big and heavy like cakes. I could only eat 1/2 of one, which I’m sure probably equates to full donut from Dunkin’s. If you’ll excuse me, I’m sure I’m going to slip into a sugar-induced coma very shortly.




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