I had a fun (but short) weekend. Weekends always feel too short, can every weekend be a 3-day weekend? Thankfully, it’s almost Christmas time which means 12 straight days off are quickly approaching. Let me tell you, I cannot freaking wait! One of the things I did this weekend was head to a friends birthday outing at Mead Hall in Cambridge. The place was okay, but I’m not sure if I’d go back. The interior was modern-looking and it wasn’t as crowded as I thought it would be. Also, parking wasn’t bad at all. You can use the hotel garage and they will validate so you only end up paying around $6. The only thing that sucks, is driving through Cambridge. People aren’t that bright like you’d expect from a that city houses Harvard and MIT. We witnessed a guy driving around with no headlights, someone driving a Porsche SUV attempting to make a left-hand turn directly into a sidewalk, getting cut-off by a 1992 Corolla who then decided to stop in the middle of street, and people driving on the wrong side of the road. I’m not sure I’ve ever witnessed so much driving-related stupidity within a 2 mile radius, and I don’t want to ever again!


I named the strange painting “Devil Wears Albert Einstein”, it was weirding me out so not sure why I took a picture of it. I decided to drink Fluffy White Rabbits beer by Pretty Things. It was pretty good, I wish I could have sneaked the goblet home.


They carried the chalk board theme into the restrooms, which I thought was funny. I was in the Grey Lady stall, which is fine with me. I love that beer! I don’t like the strange dancing people Christmas decorations in Cambridge though.

I got back from my parents a little while ago. We celebrated my brothers birthday today and I remembered what he asked for almost a year ago. Thankfully, he still wanted the “Gone Squatchin'” hat and shirt. My youngest niece is so darn cute! She was helping my brother open his gifts. I stuffed my face with my mom’s amazing cooking. This is probably why I hate to cook, it will NEVER compare to what she can do. I’m bummed the weekend is already over, but I’m hoping that getting into the holiday spirit will make the next couple of weeks go by faster. I also decided to wrap gifts tonight. I finished all of them, but still have a few things ordered that haven’t arrived yet. I try to do most of my Christmas shopping online, I can’t stand going to the mall this time of year. 



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