Andy borrowed Google Glass from work, and I tried them last night before he brought them back today. I had trouble seeing the tiny screen without my glasses, which is odd because I’m near-sighted. There must be some kind of view settings in the menu that would have made it clearer to read. I didn’t really have much  direction on how to use them, so I experimented after I paired them with my phone through the Glass app. Oh yeah, I think the Glass app is only compatible with Android right now. I figured out how to Google things, and somehow ended up Googling Google.

It is voice-controlled and you can scroll by swiping your hand across the the side. It can also speak to you and you can watch video as well. I don’t recommend using it for a long period of time, your eyes will be very angry with you! It’s also kinda blinding to look at websites with a light background. Overall, I thought it was really cool! I took some pictures and made a video. They do limit the video to 9 seconds (?) though. Also, the only option to share is through Google+, which I loathe. Google+ makes me feel old because I don’t understand it and have no desire to try and figure it out. It also re-activated my profile without asking me, so yeah, I’m at war with G+. Anyway, please enjoy my lame video!




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