I’m very excited, I got the time off for both of my pre-planned 2014 travels. I booked my ticket today to Disney in spring and can’t wait. I haven’t been in almost 11 years…gulp. I’m sure Disney has changed quite a bit in 11 years, but I’m most looking forward to re-visiting Universal Studios since ya know…HOGWARTS!  Once Disney is done, I’m going on cruise in late summer. SQUEEE! Oh yeah, the hotel we’re staying at is freaking awesome, it has 3 pools and one is at a waterpark. Thankfully one of the pools is 21+ so I can enjoy my margaritas in peace. Okay, enough about that.This is will make time go by very slowly, but it’s fun to plan vacations.

Andy and I went to the annual holiday party at a local bar, it was free drinks all night so we should have gotten there earlier. It was very packed by the time we showed up. Thankfully, a friend of our’s that lives near by showed up with her sister and brother. I haven’t seen L.A. since her Halloween party. We grabbed the corner near the dart boards to hang out and DRINK. Overall, the night was fun. Except for getting yelled at my angry-pool-league guy…

The bar had free food, so I grabbed a plate of food and tried to find an unoccupied corner to put my beer down, so I could quickly scarf down some food. It so happens that the only unoccupied area was by the pool table. I got scolded by some crazy old guy with a pony-tail. I had no idea what he was saying, I just replied back “OKAY I GUESS I WILL JUST AWKWARDLY STAND AROUND TRYING TO EAT WHILE HOLDING A BEER AT THE SAME TIME. THANKS SCROOGE.” He stalked away, I should have just stood there just to spite him, but didn’t want to get kicked out of a bar on free beer night. Apparently other people wanted to fight him by the end of the night. I mean, they should have moved their “league” night considering the amount of people in the bar last night. But I digress


1) I love my new Coach boots, so toasty! 2) This is a picture of the bar starting to get crowded. 3) L.A’s sister drew a happy face on the window. 4) Andy looking very serious about darts.


Cool sunrise I caught on my way to work, it looked like it would be a nice day but it started snowing a couple hours later. GRRR


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