Work really went all out this year at the holiday party, it was really cool! I just wish they brought back the chocolate fountains from a few years ago, but I digress. The party started in the late afternoon. I went down a few minutes early to scope it out and get some good pics in before the crowds ensued for free food, booze, dessert, and dancing. This year they had a bunch of horse-drawn carriages along the campus for rides. I was tempted to see if they could give me lift back to my car, but I resisted. I counted over 6 bars, and there were a couple for hot chocolate too. The others had Sam Adams beer and German mulled wine. Each bar kind of had it’s own theme, like ski lodge and lounge. They turned the gym into a dueling piano lounge and had a dance contest.There was also an outdoor sitting-area with an ice-sculpture. Oh yeah, there was loads and loads of food! My favorite is always the dessert table though…








I’m so glad it’s Friday! There is a big sale happening and there is a pair of sneakers and brown riding boots I’ve wanted for months now. I hope they still have my size though. I really shouldn’t be spending any more money, but BOOTS! I finished my Christmas shopping yesterday, which is a little late for me. I usually try to finish by the first week of December but I got lazy. It’s supposed to snow this weekend (UGH) and I was asked to show Avon at a friends open-house party. I’m happy she thought of me and asked, I hope her new business does well. She deserves it! I also have a birthday party as well, that should be fun. I’m trying not to let the stupid snow put a frown on my face. 


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