I had Extreme Couponing on in the background while working from home. I’m not sure why, since it’s a huge pet-peeve of mine when people add a “Q”  to coupon. I was a bit disgusted with the people that don’t even have a family that stock-pile soap and yogurt though. Are you really going to eat 90 containers of yogurt before it all expires?! I mean, it kinda makes sense when you have a large family and when you stock-pile non-perishable items. Some of these people are truly  insane though. Buying out stores of diapers (FOR BABIES THEY DON’T HAVE!) and floss (FOR TEETH THEY PROBABLY DON’T HAVE!). I mean, really people?! I was glad that at least some donate extra items to charity, that is what I would do if I was getting $1000 worth of groceries for $50. One girl claimed to be 24 years old. It must be a rough 24 years sweetheart, because I honestly thought she was 35. I guess extreme couponing really takes a toll, huh?

This one lady really takes the cake though. I think she lives alone in a big house and built a room 4′ tall and a mile long filled with 14,000 store circulars. She said, “when people ask me how I get all my coupons, I say God”. Really lady? You get your coupons straight from the God printing press? I’m glad he has nothing better to do than hang out in your mile-long room printing off coupons for you. She also has 60 bags of cat food, she doesn’t even have a cat!!! Thankfully, she donates some things to charity. Not sure if she donates the cat food to a shelter, or if she snacks on it though. To each his own, I guess. Have fun eating your cat treats and 95 bags of croutons, lady!


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