The R2D2 Christmas lights I ordered finally came in! The hazard of ordering them closer to Christmas is that you don’t know if they will arrive on time. But, the advantage is waiting until they go on sale! I got a good deal on them, so that’s how I ended up with 2 sets. One for my tree and other along the mantle. I didn’t need a new stocking, but a friend informed me that Target has Star Wars stockings, so I couldn’t resist. Oh yeah, Kelly sent me a pin on Pinterest of R2D2 and C3PO ornament set from Target. So, I knew I had to break my rule of going to a store during a holiday season for a good cause! It wasn’t easy to find the ornament set, I had to dig through a ton of Mickey Mouse ornaments to snag the last ones! See also: I have problems.


R2D2 stocking and lights!


Yay, the tree is complete!

Today, I had the satisfying feeling of shutting off my alarm clock, and realizing I don’t have to go back to work until 2014. WOOHOO! I love not having to wake up at the crack of dawn. This week, our trivia team came in 4th place. Not too shabby, but we could have done better. There were a few questions we knew the answers to, but second guessed ourselves out of a right answer. Oh well, it happens all too often.

One of the few things I like about winter is the return of Harpoon Winter Warmer beer. I definitely had some out of a football glass the other night. I was also excited that my masquerade mask came in for the party I’m going to. But, our plans might change since there is a band we want to see more on the same night. Not sure which one will win out, but I can’t get my money back on the pretty mask. So, I might have to figure out what else to use the mask for.



I have a hair appointment tomorrow, I desperately need my blue streak re-done. It’s so faded that you can’t tell it was ever blue. My hair stylist says she will be trying another blue dye on me, hopefully that will work better. Oh yeah, just to further solidify how crazy I am, i discovered the glory that is Starrily nailpolish when I got a promo code for. it. My shopping cart may contain a horrifying amount of nail colors, but I did do my best to pair it down before ordering it. I can’t wait to try the colors and review them. Well, I’m in need of a shower before I head out tonight.


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