I started my 12 days of leisure on the right foot, by heading out for drinks with friends on Friday night. I finally remembered to wear my cosmic leggings and studded sweater. The outfit made me feel like a fortune teller or something, I should have gave fake readings and collected cash at the bar. Anyway, it was a good time. I somehow ended up with someone’s Guinness they didn’t want, but I couldn’t remember if I liked Guinness or not. Spoiler alert, I do. Anyway, we randomly ended up researching how seahorses mate and that Ginny has a shit ton of plastic bags in her purse. If I had known this, I would have gotten her some fancy ones for Christmas!

Today I had the longest hair appointment of my life. My hair stylist wanted to try a new blue on my hair, which is pure pigment and should last much longer than last time. It looked like finger paint on my hair! I guess my hair is weird and half of the pieces didn’t take the color well, so she re-did it. That, combined with bleaching a larger section of hair, getting my regular color done, and having the blue processed twice, my appointment was 3 hours! I totally understand why though, my hair stylist had to fix my hair, since it refused to cooperate with the blue. I LOVE the results though, totally worth it. I keep looking at how pretty it is!  I love wearing my hair in a bun so the blue pieces are visible in the back. Now Andy and i have to figure out what to eat and do tonight. 


1) Nope, that is not bags of illegal drugs on the table, just some of the plastic baggies Ginny keeps on her purse. 2) My empty glass of Guinness, boo! 3) Christmas lights 4) View from our table


1) I’m all spiked out with my sweater and earrings. 2) My cosmic pants 3) Re-did the blue hair at the salon today


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