20131222_184453I got this note on my mirror, I had no idea my dog knew how to write! I’m guessing he had to some help? He surprised me with a $50 gift card to Forever 21. He is such a good dog! ūüėČ I’m sure Andy probably helped since Zorro doesn’t have a job or allowed in stores. Go figure though, for once there isn’t anything I need right now. So, I’m going to hold on to the card until I find some things I want. I’m sure I’ll probably need some clothes for Disney or Bermuda.¬†

I had a doctor appointment today for a physical. I really didn’t feel like going to the doctor during my time off, but it’s even more of a pain to go after work. Thankfully, there weren’t many people there so I was out in under and hour. I told my doc about my¬†persistent¬†allergies and¬†he prescribed something for me to try. Thankfully I called the pharmacy to check on the prescription and to see if it was covered by my insurance, because it wasn’t! Yeah, I think I’ll pass on the $80 30-day supply of allergy meds, I’ll stick to Zyrtec. I asked the pharmacist to cancel it, I don’t have any major complaints about using OTC allergy meds anyway. Especially since they are under freaking $80!

Andy and I decided to watch Elysium the other night. I didn’t know what it was about, but agreed to rent it. I liked the movie, but noticed it was a bit of a satire. I thought this because of the references to people trying to illegally enter the Elysium space station. Kind of like people trying to jump the border into the US, perhaps? I don’t know if that was intentional, but just my observation. I also watched Weird Science in it’s full entirety, since it was on HBO Go and I’ve never actually watched the full movie. It wasn’t one of my favorite ’80s John Hughes flicks, but I’ll let it slide. Oh yeah, how the heck did I not know Vanilla Ice made a movie in 1991 called Cool as Ice?!! I know what I’ll be watching over my 12 days of leisure!


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