I had a great lazy morning yesterday. I slept until 10:30am and watched Trading Places and Coming to America. Once I start watching Eddie Murphy movies, I can’t stop! Thankfully, there wasn’t a Beverely Hills Cop marathon on, or I would have missed Christmas Eve. Last night, I went to visit my parents for Christmas Eve dinner. We don’t usually open gifts on Christmas Eve anymore, so no different this year. I sorta miss those days, but glad I got to do it when I was younger. We won’t be opening gifts until tonight, so no gift opening for me yet! I didn’t ask for anything this year, so I’m happy with gift cards and what ever I get. In retrospect,  I should have asked for voice activated R2D2, he also dances and plays tag! Maybe for my birthday? haha!

 Anyway, I stuffed my face with good food and can’t wait to have some more later.  I have a big family, so I mostly give out gift cards each year. It’s too hard to tell what each of my nieces and nephews like from year to year. Gift cards are definitely the way to go with teenagers. I did get my little nieces and nephew actual gifts, I’m sure they will like what I got them! It’s great to watch little ones open gifts and get really excited. Anyway, I  must get back to doing laundry and watching A Christmas Story for the 8th time in a row. Merry Christmas!



In case you were wondering, Dunkin Donuts is open! They were nice enough to leave me a note on my iced coffee.


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