I had a great Chrismas and Thursday night. I finally made up my mind, and Andy is going to get me us a Wii U for Christmas. I’m just waiting for the one I want to go on sale. I will probably keep the controllers I have and sell my old Wii with just the system. Not gonna lie, the main reason I want a Wii U is for the Olympics game. YOU CAN FIGURE SKATE! For those that didn’t participate in #VEDA, I made my own fake Olympics video this year. So you can pretty much imagine how much I need this game, haha! Anyway, in our usual fashion one of my sisters was late to dinner so we couldn’t open gifts in the afternoon. We waited until after dinner. 


1) I think I should get credit for the movie Finding Nemo, I broke the fin off this fish when I was a kid. Disney totally stole the gimpy fish idea from me! 2) I rocked my fav pair of Coach boots to keep warm during the gift un-wrapping process. 3) I love all my Boston-themed Alex and Ani bracelets.

While we were waiting to eat, We Skyped some relatives in Italy. Their internet connection was really slow, so it was hard to see them and talk to them, but at least we all got to see each other. Can teleportation or holograms be more readily available now? It’s almost 2014 people, get on with it! My nieces and nephews had fun. I also took pics of all the delicious dessert. Our neighbors are great and get us a Yule Log cake each year, it’s awesome!


Family Skype time!


1) Yule log cake 2) Crystal ornament my mom got me 3) Another yummy cake!

Yesterday I went out twice and had decided to kick my workout routine up a couple notches. I think I need to take a break from working out, It’s been 41 straight days, and I could barely move my shoulders this morning. I think I should listen to my body and take a day or two off, right?! Anyway, I didn’t really drink a lot of booze but  I didn’t drink enough water so I was really tired this morning. Andy and I went to IHOP and then I took a nap. My night out was fun though. I had a mini blogger meet-up with Ginny and Kristin at BBG. I was good and got a salad for dinner, gasp! I also went out to the Fours to meet up with Andy and some friends we haven’t seen in a while. I took some pics while I was there. I liked the near-by bar that had a Jimi Hendrix mural on the wall .

Tonight is a holiday karaoke party and dinner with friends, I can’t wait! 


1I like the decor in the bar, it’s all sports themed…as you would expect. Amanda showed me the live filters on my phones camera. I didn’t even know it was there! There is also a fish-eye filter, so I went through the trouble of downloading a fish-eye app for nothing. *face palm*

Thursday0 Thursday03


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