My friend showed us this during our karaoke outing, we were quoting it all night!

I had a fun NYE at the Sinclair in Cambridge seeing Bad Rabbits. We saw them last year and they don’t disappoint! The Sinclair is an okay venue, great sound, but the bar tenders were understaffed, and the coat line was fucking ridiculous! We were late getting there and the coat-check line was crazy. I actually stood  by myself and “Slytherin” towards the beginning of the line and cut a bunch of people. Not that it made a difference was still in line for 40 minutes! I should have gone with my idea of paying off the merch stand guy, to hold onto my coat. But, I forgot to go to the ATM so I didn’t have much cash on me.  I think the girl working it was just incompetent, the line started to move once someone else took over. I mean, how difficult is it to take a coat, rip a ticket, hang coat, and take payment?! No matter, on the way out Jenna found an alternate window for the coat check and we skipped the crazy line getting out. Take that suckas! I guess we’re starting 2014 off as line-cutters, because we had to do some walking to flag down a cab in 6°F cold. We passed several groups trying to get cabs, and managed to get one before them. Sorry, I’m not sorry! It’s all about having enough sense to position yourself ahead of other drunk people. 

Anyway, the show itself was awesome. I don’t think we’ll be doing a show again next year, we’ll do something more mellow. I did a last-minute wardrobe change before leaving. I had cute sequin dress with fringe, but didn’t feel like wearing fishnets in the cold and getting fringe caught on everything. So I switched to a studded dress with heavier tights. Since I didn’t end up going to the masquerade I got tickets for, I snapped a few pics with the mask.


I’m not picking my nose, I have a tiny mustache on my nail

I only got to see one band before Bad Rabbits, called Bearstronaut and we liked them. I got some nice video of Bad Rabbits covering Michael Jackson, it’s hard not to have a good time dancing to MJ! Heck, even the dancing beer can was dancing away on stage, haha!






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