I was trying to find a .gif from the classic Nick movie, Snow Day but the internetz was not ever in my favor. I switched gears and tried to find a .gif of Hoku’s video Another Dumb Blonde. I concluded that I suck at finding .gif’s. Funny thing is I used to make .gif’s back in the day when I knew how to use Photoshop. The best I could do was find one from Perfect Day, so you’re welcome blog reader! Here are some fun facts about HoKu I’ve known since 2000.

1) She is not a natural blonde

2) Her father is Don Ho

3) Tiny bubbles may or may not make her happy


I think you have click on HoKu to see the animation

Anyway, I think I’m backtracking a little. I wanted to blog on my 2nd official snow day from work since I started there almost 4 years ago. I had a feeling they were going to be generous and cancel work today. We did change company heads, so that may have been the reason for the much needed snow day. Either way, I’m grateful because my allergies have been douchey the past few days from the dry dust-leaden air. So far, all I’ve done is go back to bed and watch the latest episode of Gypsy Sisters on the DVR. I also downloaded the song “Fernando” by Abba, after I was disappointed in myself for not having it. How dare I! Oh yeah, I did watch the Hoku video for “Another Dumb Blonde”. I’m thinking next I’ll see if I can find Snow Day on Netflix or Amazon Prime. 

Fun times up in here.


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