On Saturday Ginny and I met up in our area to exchange Christmas gifts. Thankfully we both remembered the gifts this time! We went to Bon Chon to stuff or faces with sushi and fried chicken simultaneously. I managed to spill water on myself twice during dinner and managed to splash some on the crotch of my pants. I’m the cool kid that pretends to pee their pants at sushi/fried chicken restaurants. Thankfully Ginny is used to this type of behavior and wasn’t embarrassed to be seen with me. I love that place, it’s so yummy! 

We took the party across the street to Patron’s and I ordered drinks that involved straws so I could keep it on the counter. Thus, a spill-free remainder of the evening! But the experience got me thinking that I should invent a poncho for drinking. I mean, I can’t be the only one that doesn’t know how to drink from a glass, right? It could be like the urban sombrero, but a poncho you wear when you’re drinking or eating something messy. I’m not sure if I want to go back to Patron’s again, the service was really slow! It seemed like all the bartenders were focusing on one end of the bar, which is odd. Get it together peoples! 


I ate the hungry caterpillar, he was delicious! My berry margarita was very tasty!


Some pictures around Patron’s. Ginny got me another R2D2 to add to my mantle collection. The collection now requires using the panorama feature on my phone, I have serious issues

Today I went to visit my parents. My nephew was so cute! He threw his blanket on me while on the couch, he wanted to make sure I was warm. He also turned the couch into a car, and we drove around with our pillow steering wheel and blanket seat belts. We managed to acquire a puppy on our way to grandma’s house, no idea what happened to the imaginary puppy…

After I got back, Andy and I went to Bass Pro Shops. I was in the market for a new jacket since I ruined the hood on mine by putting it in the dryer. Ooops! Bass Pro is an interesting place where you can buy fudge and glittery boats all in the same place!


They have all kinds of taxidermy around the store, I wonder if whale is real? 😉


I dunno if the bear was ever real, but the turtles sure are!

Turns out, Bass Pro has a really small selection of women’s jackets. So we went to the mall after and I got the very last DKNY silver coat, and it was in my size! I love getting coats this time of year because they are usually at least 50% off, so I got a good deal .We shopped around at a few places, and then I discovered a magical place in the food court. Apparently French Fry Heaven is a thing!!!!! I immediately snapped a pic and sent it to Ginny. We are both rabid French Fry enthusiasts.  


Of course we had to buy some fudge! I also had to take pictures of the glittery finish on the boats. The only reason I would want a boat is because of the glitter. That’s a good reason, right?


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