I was reminiscing a couple weeks back about the horrible (and only) time I went snowboarding. If Seventeen magazine is still around, and they have that embarrassing stories section, I should have submitted this! I was probably a sophomore in high school, and Ginny slept over so we catch a ride to Wachusett Mountain (or wa-wa-chusett as some call it). Since I was in high school at time, I was too broke from spending my allowance on a new pair of super-wide leg Mudd Jeans to afford LESSONS with my lift ticket. I thought I would be okay, since I could manage to not fall off a skateboard, and Ginny had gone snowboarding once or twice before. So between the two of us, I thought that would make us practically ready to handle the Swiss Alps! God bless teenage stupidity.

Anyway, the day started off innocently enough. I managed to get my rented boots and board all ready to go, and we asked around for directions to the bunny hill. We hopped on and off the ski-lift without incident. But it was all down-hill from there for me (no pun intended..maybe?). In the 8 feet from the ski-lift drop to the top of the normal-people slope, I managed to run over the same little girl TWICE. Her mother looked ready to strangle me. I don’t blame her, but it was totally accidental! I don’t make a habit of running over small children while snowboarding, after all.

I was so frazzled from losing my balance, we forgot to keep going to find the bunny hill. So we started to head down the normal-people hill. This was a HUGE mistake! We kept falling after we developed some speed. At one point, I spun out smacked my arm across the ski-lift post and almost went into a stream. People on the ski-lift stared, and I recall some guys tried pickup-artist maneuvers from 30ft above us. But we still forged on down the mountain. One of nephews was there with us, and passed us TWICE on our slow-descend into hell. He was about 6 years old at the time. Yes, we got beat by a 6-year-old TWICE. But that was the least of our worries, at this point we were only halfway down the mountain and it had taken us over an hour to spin and sputter our way that far.

I think it was while we were rounding hour two, and the end was in sight,  I decided I was going to unclip my boots from the board so I could just tuck-and-roll the rest of way down. Out of nowhere, some random extreme-ski-enthusiast guy forbade me from quitting my snowboarding nightmare. Before I even had a chance to connect my hand to unclip a boot, he yanked me from the snowbank I crashed into, and forced me down the mountain. He must have been a teacher, or a motivational speaker, because he skiied backwards while gently pulling my uncoordinated self down the rest of the way. I didn’t have enough energy to protest, or to point out that we were leaving Ginny behind! 

Once I was at the bottom of the mountain, I thanked random extreme-ski-enthusiast guy and layed down into the nearest snow bank and waited for Ginny to join me a few minutes later. In total, it took us almost 2 1/2 hours to go down the normal slope once! The icing on the cake, once we got back from our misadventure, we had a driving lesson that afternoon with the auto school. 

Oh yeah, Andy has convinced me to go cross-country skiing this weekend. Our lift passes are already booked and ready to go. At least I have grown as an adult since then (kinda), because lessons are included. Isn’t that how it should be?!



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  1. Ginny

    Cross country sounds way better.

    And I feel like I left you behind because I was like I’m just going to sit here and let this crazy guy torment Germana because then he can’t torment me!

    • Cross country was definitely way better! It was still kinda hard, but lessons make a world of difference. hahaha, I wish he left me alone so I coulda just walked down that damn hill!


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