Oh man, so glad we decided against going to a party tonight, I’m exhausted! On Friday, Jamie and I were supposed to go to 90s’ night but the line was long, and we were still waiting on Emily. There is no way all three of us would have gotten in before they closed. Oh well, we had a good time at The Draft. I haven’t been there since like my 23rd (?) birthday and it hasn’t changed at all. After I had a couple beers, Jamie convinced me to go to Vegas with her in May. I’m sure I really needed convincing…;) Now I have to figure out a budget or things to sell on Ebay so I can make this trip happen! It will be weird to go to Vegas without my BiSC-uits though. But Ginny and I plan to return to Vegas again in 2015 as well, so maybe some BiSC folks will join us?! For someone that doesn’t really gamble, I sure love Vegas a whole lot. Anyway, we had a good time dancing. We even saw Justine Beiber, Justin’s less musical twin sister. 


Lines? We don’t need your stinkin’ lines!

After gathering a few hours of sleep, I cleaned my apartment on Saturday. That night, we headed to the Led Zeppelin 2 show at the Paradise Rock Club. They had some PSA’s on the screen prior to the show about how they don’t recommend drug use. I wasn’t paying close attention to it, because I thought one of the symptoms (jerking limbs) was a band! Ooops! I guess nobody should rely on me to watch out for people doing drugs. Apparently I will just think they are a band or something. Overall, the show was awesome! Especially since they actually look and dress like the band. I thought that was a very nice touch. I really wish they played In the Evening, which is one of my favorites. I guess I always end up liking songs that are not huge hits from bands, and always get disappointed if they don’t play them. Oh well, I won’t fault them because they had an amazing set! I tried to get pics of “Jimmy Page” playing the guitar with a bow, but I ALWAYS end up behind tall people. I’m like a magnet or something. I forgot to ask the guy in front of me if he would beam the video to me, since we both have the Galaxy S4. But I lost track of him, and didn’t really know what he looks like since I only saw the back of his neck. 

After the show, the band was at the merch table meeting people. You wouldn’t believe how many fans went up to them all awe struck as if they are the actual members of Led Zeppelin circa 1970. Jimmy Page II had an admirer from the coat line! Robert Plant had a super fan guy that cut us in the coat check line. For some reason getting his coat took like 10 minutes. We ran into Super-Fan-Guy outside. We were surprised to find out he has only seen this band 5x. Not much of a super fan if you ask me, 😉


This morning we had to wake up early to try our hands at cross country skiing.  I wasn’t nervous to try it until it look 10 minutes for me to get my left foot to clip into the ski. I was thinking that would set the tone for another nightmarish experience, like from my last post. But it went surprisingly well. We had lessons for over an hour, I definitely fell several times but I know how to get up like a pro! I was scared of the biggest slope (which really isn’t big because we were at a golf course) because I gained too much speed so I wiped out at the bottom of the hill. Remember to bend down and put your weight forward!



After that, I did pretty well. I narrowly avoided a potential injury though, I didn’t realize the slope I was practicing on was part of a sand-pit at the edge was jagged. I would have had to jump it! This was after our lesson was over and we were on our own. We skied for about 2 hours and then went out to lunch and headed back home. We will definitely be going again at the golf course and are planning a trip to NH to try an actual mountain. I will definitely be searching where hospitals are beforehand and bring my insurance card. Hills are still scary, even though I did pretty well today.  I did some stretches, but I’m sure I’ll feel like this guy tomorrow:





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  1. Nice blog! I love your cross skiing lesson. Looks like the lesson has been well taught, and you perfectly maneuvered your ride and has less bruises than expected. 😀 Good job! 🙂

  2. Are you serious? You must be of a Punchyish nature are you?

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