Jamie convinced me (after a couple of beers) to go to Vegas with her and Lizz. I can’t freaking wait! For someone that doesn’t drink a lot or gamble much, I love Vegas. This will be my 5th time going, and my 4th time consecutively. It’s going to be so strange to go to Vegas without my #BiSC peeps, and not staying at the Flamingo. 😦 Ginny and I are also planning on going next year too! So yeah, maybe I should just live there? Thankfully we got a good travel deal, but it will be weird to have to actually PAY for things, and wait in lines. #BiSC has really ruined not being an actual bawler, yo!

Thankfully I got a good review at work and will find out what my raise is in a couple of months, I’m sure I’ll need the extra dough for all the traveling this year. In the mean time, I’m attempting to be a responsible adult, and selling some things I don’t use any more on Ebay. This will help tie me over until I get around to doing my taxes. I’m also trying to step up my game with Avon. I should put stickers on the back of the Avon catalogs: “please help send me to Vegas”. 

I have several things on my Vegas bucket list I never had enough time for. Hopefully I can get some of them done and leave the rest for 2015. 


– Stay at the Cosmopolitan (Staying at the Venetian this time, so this will need to be a 2015 thing)

– Temporarily forget my fear of heights by zip lining through Old Vegas at night

– Swim with the fishes, by trying out the shark tank waterslide at the Golden Nugget

– Snap a few pics at the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop (bonus points if I can meet the old man from Pawn Stars)

– Revisit the Grand Canyon. This will kill a day, so I’ll need people willing to do this with me!

Michael Jackson One Cirque show!!!

Mob Museum, walked past it last time didn’t have enough time to go in!

Shark Reef

Uhh..good thing we’re going for 5 nights!


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