Andy and I went back to cross country ski this weekend. I learned as much as I love puffy jackets, they are no good for skiing! I was overheating in my puffy coat. I was an odd combination of hot and cold at the same time. I decided to reconcile this situation by investing in a ski jacket. Andy and I had a good time, despite the ski track being super crowded! I only fell a few times and two of those times were due to people getting directly in my way. I had to take a dive to avoid nailing them. I guess that’s the hazard of going on a busy day! Anyway, the parking lot was full so we had to go off on a side street. The facility has a shuttle that will take you to/from the car. They have an adorable shuttle rider called Rogue, he’s a border collie. Zorro was jealous we came home smelling of another dog.


I finally got to see Erin and exchange Christmas gifts. We were supposed to hang out a couple weeks back but the stupid snow got in the way. We had a good sushi dinner, followed by outlet shopping. I got a small new Coach bag for Vegas and a much needed ski jacket. I had an awesome ski jacket in college. I got on clearance from Bob’s along with a pair of $5 snow boarding pants. I still own and use the pants. But I’m so mad at myself for getting rid of this jacket, it would have been perfect! Oh well, I managed to get a great deal on a jacket from Columbia. It has that fancy Omni-Heat technology, side vents to cool off, and loads of pockets. I can’t wait to try it! Andy and I are planning a trip up north soon to attempt downhill skiing. I hope I don’t die!!



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