I have mixed feelings toward the Super Bowl. Some years I’ll watch it rabidly, while others I will completely forget that it’s on. I think this going to be another forgotten year for me, I couldn’t care less about the teams that are playing. The Super Bowl shouldn’t count if the only team you follow isn’t playing. The Seahawks have never been on my radar as a team you would see at the Bowl. My opinion doesn’t mean much, I only watch some games throughout the the year. I’m by no means an expert on anything pertaining to ‘Foosball’ anyway.

But, I do hope they spank the Broncos! I think the look on Manning’s disappointed face would be priceless. Even as the years press on, I find myself hating Peyton Manning less and less. What the hell is wrong with me?!

It’s all about the Puppy Bowl for me! I’m sad Zorro is way to big to play in it, but maybe since he has black and white coloring he can be a ref? He would probably be the worst ref ever. He’d drink all the puppy water and hoard all the toys! But as his owner maybe I would be allowed to play with the puppies after the game?!


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