Despite my disinterest, I decided to watch most of the Superbowl last night. It was nice that the Seahawks won, because that means a Manning didn’t. I stopped watching at 9PM because Shameless was on, also it didn’t seem like the Broncos were going to re-coup. The Superbowl fashion was interesting. I actually like the Seahawks lime green shoes and their silver puffy coats. I didn’t like Joe Namath’s Macklemore coat, it was ugly! Of course someone made a Twitter account for it.

I liked the concept of doing a commercial series, which is what Bud Light did.

This Radio Shack commercial did it for me! I love the 80s

Since I’m a sucker for nostalgia, I have to love this Oikos commercial

I love Muppets and Terry Crews, so I have to like this Toyota commercial!

Think Tebow has found his calling, being contract-free with T-Mo

This one has wings and rainbows, plus a friend of mine works for VW. So this one makes my list!

Because BEARS!

I need to give JC Penney an honorable mention with their mitten tweets!


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