I had a pretty low-key week, I mostly stayed in avoiding stupid snow, a never-ending headache, and cold weather. I was supposed to go out on Friday night but I wasn’t feeling good. So I was definitely ready to get out of the house on Saturday! I got my blue streak re-done at the hair salon. But Andy had to help me get rid of excess blue dye from the back of my neck after.

Anyway, Andy and I went out for Ginny’s 30th birthday. We’ve been best friends since 7th grade, so it’s hard to believe she is 30 and I’m not far behind! Ugh, I don’t want to get old. I had a lot of fun. My friends also came by to enjoy some drinks and dancing. Golden Temple has a taped-together tiny dance floor in the E-Room. I like the inside of it though, it reminds Andy and I of the Mos Eisley Cantina from Star Wars. The food is so good! I always end up getting fried scallops and dipping them in the awesome duck sauce. 


We got to have dinner in a private room of to the side of the bar, it was nice to be able to hear dinner conversation in our own room. After dinner, they cleared out the room and a few of us decided to hang out in there and pretend to be ghosts. At one point, we took the table cloths off the table and wandered around the room, then some guy that we thought worked there, walked in with a couple of girls. Like a 7 year old getting caught jumping on the bed, I guiltily put the cloth back on the table, as did Jamie and Emily. It turns out the guy didn’t work there and gave us high-fives for being ghosts!


1 )Ginny put a lovely bow in her hair left over from her stripper surprise party the night before. 2) The E-Room ceiling, the circles change color and pulse with sounds from the DJ booth. 3) Emily and I hiding behind curtains, ghosting around.

A mutual acquaintance got drunk and tried to setup Ginny’s boyfriend with her friend Fiona. She also told my boyfriend he has a “Jim Belushi” thing happening while she caressed his pecs. I decided to step in at this point, as Andy blurted out he has a girlfriend. She then proceeded to ask Andy why we’re not engaged yet, because I’m pretty and will leave him. I chuckled at this and we humored her while we politely stepped away after 10 minutes. She was very sweet though, saying how much a great couple we are. 

I think I’m getting really old and my hearing it starting to go! That or I can chalk it up to my constant allergies making my congested, or the fact the music was super loud? Anyway, I ended up getting hit-on just before we were getting ready to leave. I thought he was trying to get info on my friend L.A. or her friend Katie? So I was trying to be helpful, thinking they might like this guy. This was not the case, he asked me what my name was and I thought he kept saying “Jo?” as in Jo-mana, which is how some people think my name is pronounced. So I corrected him a couple of times, without realizing he was telling me his name is Joe. *face palm* He also asked where I was from, so I told him. I honestly thought he said he was from Louisville. Which I though was odd because he didn’t sound southern in the least. Turns out he said Haverhill, which is a town to the north of Boston. Oops! At this point I politely excused myself from the conversation and said good-bye to my friends. I was done misinterpreting him and me sounding like an asshole. Oy, with the poodles already!


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