I’m not into Valentine’s Day. It’s fun when you’re a kid  and get to eat sugary hearts, or you start dating someone. But for me, I use it as an excuse to get a nice dinner. Shhh, don’t tell my boyfriend! I’m just not into mushy love crap, and I hate expressing “feelings”. This probably makes me sound like an asshole, but I prefer to internalize “feelings”. If I get the need to express those pesky “feelings” I will certainly let them out. Thank God my boyfriend gets this about me! He is definitely more the romantical type out of the two of us, and I like that about him. 

I hate wine, champagne, cut flowers (it’s an exercise in futility to keep them looking alive), and chocolates that come in a heart-shaped box. This probably makes me the crappiest example of a female on earth. Don’t get me wrong, getting flowers once in a while is okay. But I’d rather get flowers that come in a planter, some steak, and a 12-pack of beer [insert belch noise here]. 



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