Between the weather and scaling back my calorie intake, I’ve been in a cranky mood this past week. I knew cutting back the calories wouldn’t be easy, but I wasn’t anticipating the mood swing. In retrospect it makes sense, I can become really snippy when I get hungry. I guess I should have expected this outcome. The good news is, I’m finally starting to slip off these cranky-pants and stay more positive. I really need to invest in a digital scale though, the one I have now really sucks. It’s hard to say at this point if eating better and smaller meals is working, but my pants feel slightly less tight. So here is to hoping I won’t split them!

Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do about the weather. It’s been really pissing me off lately, I think we have enough snow there God-O-Winter. How about retiring to Florida? We got another storm on Thursday and it really sucked ass. I wasn’t feeling well so I stayed home sick and Andy has a stomach bug. I felt bad having to ask him for help with shoveling, but I was barely making any progress. The snow was too heavy and wet and I’m not built for snow-hauling. After an excruciating 2 hours, we got the driveway, sidewalks, and steps cleared. Then some sea wench decided to clean off her car and got some of the snow on my freshly-shoveled sidewalk. When I remember to feel spiteful, I’ll be sure to toss some snow onto her car.

Because we weren’t tormented enough on Thursday, it’s mother-effing snowing again. Hopefully we won’t get that much because I asked the sky nicely to cut us off after a few inches. I also asked the snow to kindly fuck off for the rest of forever after this. I’m ignoring these meteorologist jerks and going with my forecast of 3″. I’m supposed to go out tonight, but not sure if the weather gods will follow my command, but I threatened to throw flaming knives at the sky, so hopefully that will scare away this unnecessary form of precipitation. Whoa, that’s enough about snow. I didn’t know I had three paragraphs worth of bitching to get through, but it feels good to talk smack on my blog.

I totally forgot Valentines Day was yesterday. We never go out on the actual holiday or do much, so no changes there. Instead we are going away next week to a ski resort up north. We’ll do some cross-country skiing and look at an ice castle. That should be fun! I’m going to look up some restaurants while we’re there. I’m also excited because we’ll be near the awesome breakfast place I used to go to. My friends and I would go camping in that area and stop there before leaving for home. They make their own maple syrup and it’s delicious! 


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