Man, am I glad to have a long weekend! I feel like I’ve spent most of my day off blogging. I started a couple of Avon Blogs (here and here) in an attempt to get my app up and running soon. I have to add a bunch more posts, but the basic ideas are set. Anyway, here are some pics from the weekend. 


My niece napping on me, mom’s roses, and my dog.


Went out for dinner and ice cream

My littlest niece is the cutest lil peanut! She tried to take a nap on my leg, but I guess I’m not comfortable enough for her! Andy and I meant to check out this new place called COOK, but the wait was over an hour on a Sunday. Ummm, yeah NO THANKS! Instead we went to this awesome ice cream place called Cabot’s for dinner and ice cream. I was trying to be good about my diet, but I’ll have to consider Sunday a cheat day. I couldn’t resist a good burger and a mint oreo sundae. I am human after all.


Over the weekend, I ended I randomly watching this movie called Dare. I didn’t really understand this movie because they don’t tell you what happens to the Johnny character. It starts with two high school misfits Alexa and Ben. Alexa is into theater and has to perform a scene with a popular guy she has a crush on, Johnny. Alexa hears people talking smack about how much of a loser she is, and invites herself to Johnny’s party. At the party she decides to sleep with him. Alexa and Johnny begin to see eachother and she ditches her friend Ben. Alexa gets into trouble by breaking curfew and has to stay at Ben’s house while her parents travel. During this time, Ben manages to hang out with Johnny alone at his house while Alexa is sleeping.

Ben comes out as being gay to Johnny. He attempts to get together with Johnny and Johnny seems to be confused but goes with it. I guess Johnny is a lonely rich kid and he just wanted someone to really like him, so that is why he leads Alexa and Ben on. Ben tells Alexa what happened and it becomes a competition for Johnny’s time. It comes to a head at a party where both Ben and Alexa try to lure away Johnny. I’m not exactly sure what happens, but Johnny starts to freak out and gets sick in the bathroom. Then they cut to Ben and Alexa’s graduation dinner, where they discuss Johnny taking off and nobody knowing where he is. Alexa runs out to the street to feed a parking meter and finds Johnny walking down the street. She follows him and they talk, but it’s not clear what happened to him. Once they finish a quick convo, he disappears into a theater where he decides to become an actor. It looks like they missed a critical scene with what happens to Johnny, and researching online didn’t help. I couldn’t find an in-depth plot synopsis. Oh well, guess Johnny will be a mystery!


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