It’s been very busy around recently, so I haven’t been able to carve out time to blog. But I’m back from my ski trip in NH and have loads of pictures! We stayed at a hotel in Franconia, which is in the White Mountains of NH. I haven’t been to that area in a while, since my friends and I used to camp up there in the summer. It’s really beautiful in that area, but it’s a bit of a drive to get up there. When we got there, we had a lunch at a cool spot called Mojo’s, which had really interesting decor. We also decided to visit North Conway to do some outlet shopping.


After some outlet shopping, we made our way back to the Loon Mountain area. Since it was dark out,  went to see the Ice Castle all lit-up. Neither of us realized the ice castle was going to be a “thing”, and we waited in line for an hour to get inside. Thankfully it was an almost-tolerable  temperature otherwise I wouldn’t have survived since I was wearing leggings. The line would have also been more tolerable if we weren’t stuck next to Debbie Downer from SNL! She spent the entire hour complaining about how cold she was to her boyfriend in line. It was so bad, that the woman also next to her was prepared to give Debbie her son’s hat in an attempt to shut her up. At least I wasn’t the only one annoyed with her, a woman was willing to sacrifice her son’s warmth to get this lady to shut her face! I wanted to tape the hat down her throat and possibly hold her face into a snow bank, but the line forked and we made sure she wasn’t near us. [/end near homicidal rage]


The ice castle was pretty awesome! They had a snow man inside that looked it was from the movie Frozen. The jury is still out if it was worth the line, and being stuck next to the most annoying woman in the world. But, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. The castle was created by freezing dripping water. The icicles were really pretty! They added color-changing LED lights so it changes colors at night. There were also slides and tunnels as well. 






After the castle, we decided to thaw out and have some dinner. We then headed back to the hotel so we could squeeze in some swim time before the pool closed. That morning I had the best French Toast, ever! It was so yummy! 

NH8After breakfast we headed back out for some cross-country skiiing. I definitely fell a bunch of times because the terrain was icy and some of the slopes were blind and involved being able to turn fast. I was not experienced enough to handle some parts of the trails, but overall I think I did a good job! I mean, I didn’t break anything or go hurling off a cliff into a freezing river, so that’s a win.





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