I have a couple of things I wanted to review from my recent Sephora order. But after getting an email from Sephora regarding new lux items, I thought I would turn the tables a little bit. Here are some things I WON’T be buying, ever!

I was intrigued to try the SK-II Facial Treatment Essense, until I saw the steep price tag! $100+ DOLLARS?! Umm, yeah, I think I’ll pass. Not only that, I’m not entirely sure I understand this product. Apparently it contains Pitera? What the hell is that shiz? Unless it’s pure diamond dust mixed in with platinum oil and strands of a unicorn tuft, how the heck can the price be justified?!


This Fresh Nourishing Honey Mask sounded interesting until (again) I saw the price tag! Even if I was loony enough to spend $130, I’d be too afraid to use this stuff! You can get honey from the supermarket for $2. I think it’s easier and (cheaper) to just slather real honey on my face and watch the bees attack.



I’m too tired to go out again tonight, so I’m hanging out and watching the later half of Sydney White (Amanda Bynes pre-insanity). I’ve never watched this before, but it’s a little Revenge of the Nerds-ish. There is also a guy that walks around with a dog puppet and for some reason, I don’t even question it. 

Our team trivia name was Blood for Cream this week. We didn’t do that great, but it’s probably because we’re one of the few teams that doesn’t cheat. I wish people wouldn’t use their damn phones to get answers! Why bother playing if you need to use your phone for answers? Not cool guys!

Anyway, I’m so done with winter. I just want to get out of February already! Not that March is looking so good right now, considering we’re supposed to get another 74″ of snow. *cries into keyboard*  I decided to buy a new hat and glove set at work today to “cheer” myself up. It kept me warm considering it’s been too damn cold this week. Can we just cancel the rest of this winter crap? We’ve all had enough! Please?!!!


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