I woke up late this morning, hoping I could get the tub cleaned before I went to my parents house. That didn’t happen, so I delegated the task to Andy. haha! Anyway, after I got back from visiting my parents, I had to pick up frozen dog poopsicles from the backyard. YUCK! But it needed to get done before the snow covers them up again. Anyway, I somehow managed to get some dog doo on my hand while bagging it. Oh the joys of dog ownership! I hate it when that happens, I feel like I need to burn my hands in the sink to get it off. 

It’s been super busy at work the past couple of weeks so I had to work a few hours today. At least I got myself caught up. I’m hoping things quiet down since I’ll only be in the office a few hours on Wednesday before we leave on a company outing. The outing should be fun! We’re going ice skating and eating lunch at the rink. Afterwards we get to tour Harpoon Brewery. I can’t wait, it should be a fun day at work. haha! I wish this could happen every Wednesday!

I managed to distribute my Avon catalogs around the city and set up a Facebook shopping event. I’m trying to jump start into spring since I’m beyond over winter! It’s supposed to snow tomorrow, but thankfully it’s not going to be that bad (I hope). I should probably head to sleep early tonight, I mean earlier than usual. Erin and I are going to see Paul Simon with Sting tomorrow and we are beyond excited. We’re old ladies at heart! 

Now Andy and I are watching the remake of Carrie. I like the original version better, but haven’t seen it in at least 10 years. I don’t get how her prom date could die by getting an empty bucket to the head from 10ft above? I also don’t get why she gets mad at the gym teacher. She was the only one that was nice to her! I will say that Julianne Moore does a great job as the crazy mother.


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