I feel like I haven’t had a chance to relax this week, between the concert and going out! We had a really fun work outing this week. We got to leave at 11:30am and head out for some ice skating and lunch in Southie. We rode along in school buses and honestly don’t think I’ve been in a bus since 10th grade. I can’t believe how little leg room there is! They also have seat belts now. I never had seat belts in the school buses growing up! I was nervous to skate because I haven’t gone ice skating since 6th grade. I was a little wobbly at first, but I hit my stride after 15 minutes. I ended up with hockey skates instead of figure skates, so I couldn’t stop properly. I pretty much skated slow, but no shame in that! We all had a really fun time, I want to skate more but it’s tough to find a rink with decent “free skate” time.




After a couple hours at the rink, we went back on the magic school buses and headed to Harpoon Brewery. We had our own section in the back of the beer hall. We were split into groups to go on tours. It was so much fun! I was happy to use my 3 free drink coins on Raspberry UFO and Pumpkin Chai beer. I kept a wooden coin as a souvenir so I can pretend I’m a pirate. We were forced to wear big plastic goggles on the brewery tour, but it was worth it. We also got the hugest pretzels I’ve ever seen, with a big selection of dipping sauces. The staff was great and even gave us a batch of the cinnamon pretzels as well. 




We hit a bunch of traffic on our way back to work, so I didn’t get home until almost 6PM. Once we got home, Andy and I headed to the year-end ski sale at the XC course we go to. I’m now the proud owner of some lightly used skis, boots, and poles. I think the poles are too big, but I’m not worried about it. Worst case I can get another set, they aren’t expensive. After the sale, we went to trivia with some friends and we came in 4th. I was pretty beat by the end of the night, since I was also drinking during trivia. 



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