I decided to try a Clarisonic imitation rotating cleanser, so I tossed the Ulta Dual Action Cleansing System into my cart. I was really looking forward to getting it on Wednesday, but the pesky post office took an extra day to deliver it. I didn’t get to try it until last night. I don’t think I used enough of the foaming cleanser it came with. I wasn’t able to get enough lather while using the rotating cleanser with the brush attachment. I could see it really deep cleans though, I’ll be sure try more cleanser next time. It also kept grabbing my hair, but maybe it wasn’t pulled back enough? I’m also glad that batteries were included, it’s almost like Santa leaving it for me. Except, Christmas was months ago and I still had to pay for the kit. Here are some details from the Ulta site:

  • Gentle cleansing system for all skin types
  • Removes dulling surface debris to improve skin texture and prepare for
    moisture absorption
  • Can be used with any type of cleanser and/or gentle scrub. For best results
    use ULTA Skincare cleansing products
  • Includes two types of attachments: one soft bristle brush for cleansing and
    one foam pad attachment that can be used either for gentle cleansing or
    deep application of moisturizer
  • Follow with Ulta Skincare Moisturizers or Night Cream
  • Not animal tested

Kit includes: Rotating cleansing massager, facial brush attachment, facial sponge attachment, 4 AA batteries.


As an added bonus, I got a free 14 piece makeup set with my purchase and I added in some free skin care samples. I haven’t tried any of these yet, but I’m going to keep them as a makeup pouch for work. Here is what it came with:

  • 3 pc brush set
  • Cosmetic bag
  • Mini Nail Lacquer
  • Travel size Professional Primer
  • 3 Eye Shadow Quads
  • Dual-Ended Eyeliner
  • Full-size Voluptuous Volume Mascara
  • Super Shiny Lip Gloss
  • Cheek Color
  • Full-size Lip Butter


*DISCLAIMER: I was not asked or paid to review these products, I purchased the products on my own. All opinions are my own. 


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