I wasn’t feeling good towards the end of last week. Thankfully, after some rest and getting the sneakers I ordered, I started to feel better. I also gave myself a much needed manicure.


Since it was close to St. Patricks Day, there were loads of drunk college kids and bagpipes around. Andy and I were enjoying French fries and fried pickles, when a couple of guys playing bagpipes show up at the pub. They played a 20 minute set, and we all cheered from the awesomeness. It was so random to see these guys just waltz into the bar playing bagpipes, but not entirely surprising when you live in Boston. Of course I documented this occasion, check out my Instagram vid. Our bartender was trying to get them to play “If You Want My Body” by Rod Stewart, but they left before he could get it on the juke. I also decided I might want to ring in my 30th birthday at The Avenue. I can make it an 80s’ theme! It will (of course) be titled, “Walk Down to The (electric) Avenue”. I think once you come up with a catchy title, it seals the deal. Apparently my half birthday was on Thursday, so I think there is still plenty of time for me to change my mind about this. 


Andy wanted to make sure I blogged about the bubble pattern in his beer.


Mish-mash of pictures from the past few days

We finally checked out a couple of bars Andy has been wanting to visit for a long time. We had dinner at River Gods, which is tiny but has the coolest decor! The outside reminds me of Olmec from Legends of the Hidden Temple. I got a really good cheeseburger and Andy had a tasty hummus plate. We went with a couple of friends, and it was very cramped at our table. I was surprised at just how small the place is, but we didn’t wait more than 20 minutes for a table. We want to go back again but on a random weeknight. Andy and I shared a tiny Nordic-style bench at the dinner table. We somehow didn’t manage to elbow each other in the face, we saved that for the cab ride.


We also went to The Asgard in Cambridge for drinks and dancing. We encountered some interesting store fronts and buildings when walking there. We liked the band that was playing and the band liked Andy because he was dancing around to Led Zeppelin wearing his Led Zep shirt. He was waving his jacket around and posing like Apollo.We all got a kick out of it!

It was was pretty crowded there, and I somehow managed to snipe a couch for us. Hooray for not having to stand around with our jackets and drinks all night! At one point a girl that didn’t understand the concept of personal space, sat on the arm of the couch I was on. No idea why she couldn’t just sit on the couch with her friends and invade their personal space? But Andy stood in front her, which didn’t seem to phase her. I was beginning to think she might be from Europe or something where personal space doesn’t exist.  Thankfully they left after 30 minutes or so. One of our friends was appalled that I’ve never seen the Princess Bride, and suggested I check it out. I guess I know what I need to watch at some point this week! How many blog followers will I lose once they realize I’ve never seen this movie? 



We also saw a band, and Andy is friends with the drummer. I really liked their music! They dress like they are from outer space, which is freaking awesome! We are going to their next show which in a couple of months. I wonder if they get warm in their intergalactic wigs and white suits? 


Andy and I went out to breakfast yesterday and I almost fell asleep in my giant coffee. There are no pictures of my pancakes, scrambled eggs, hash browns, or bacon strips. I ate it all before I my hands would allow me to reach for my phone to take an obligatory pancake picture. We will make due with my giant coffee picture. You’re welcome! Needless to say, I’m too tired to go out for St. Patrick’s day tonight, maybe I’ll eat Chinese food and watch The Princess Bride!



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