Erin and I finally trekked all the way to Wahlburgers in Hingham over the weekend. It’s a real pain the ass to get to Hingham, since it’s not directly off the highway. I had to cut through downtown Quincy to finally arrive at our destination. We got there for mid-afternoon and there was a crazy line at Wahlburgers (read 1 1/2 hours). So we actually decided to try Alma Nove instead, which was a great decision! We were seated right away and the food was delicious. Granted, it’s definitely going run you more $$ than grabbing a Wahlburger across the street, but it was worth it. I ordered a scallops plate, and Erin got squash ravioli with lobster. We both tried some calamari as well. The calamari came out quickly, but it was  a bit of a wait for our entree. I won’t fault them though, it was fairly busy and the food was good once it arrived. 




After Alma’s, we went back to Wahlburgers for a snack. We were able to get right in, since we tried the take-out entrance instead, little tip for you. It felt like cheating since we cut the line, but whatever! I don’t think I’ll go back to Wahlburgers since I didn’t like the food that much. But, that could have to do with the crazy lines and the kitchen trying to turn out food as quickly as possible. I would definitely go back to Alma’s! Thankfully they take reservations and Alma’s at least, so the wait won’t be as bad.


My frappe and new necklace!





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