Anyone remember this game? I had it but rarely played it because it was such a pain to put together.

Anyone remember this game? I had it but rarely played it because it was such a pain to put together.

Apparently we have a tiny four-legged critter living in the back end of our apartment. Andy first saw it last week and I found it’s droppings in the bathroom. I’m not thrilled about it, but at least it had the decency to do it’s business in the bathroom. Though, I haven’t exactly checked the entire apartment for other “signs of life”. I guess it’s a good thing my dog thinks he is a cat, and can catch mice. Hopefully our critter will stay away from the kitchen. Andy bought a mouse trap, but he has yet to open it. I reminded him that the mouse is too smart to open the packaging and let himself into the trap. 

I’m thinking it is probably a baby mouse, and managed to squeeze himself through an old cable wire hole in the back bedroom. I think it must have been desperate to get indoors since mother nature is an asshole and forgot it’s SPRING! It’s been really cold for a week or so, and I’m just so fed up with this weather. I keep repeating my mantra in my head, “Florida.Florida.Florida.Florida.Florida.Florida.Florida.Florida.Florida.” It seems to be working, but it also helps that it’s supposed to start warming up. I hope the warmth sticks around because this is getting out of hand.

Thankfully our area spared the snow yesterday, but the winds were nuts! A few co-workers got a lot of snow in their area. The winds were so bad that our power actually went out for a couple hours. Thankfully it went back on before it got dark out. We still took the opp to eat and suck at trivia at a local watering hole.



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2 responses to “IT’S MOUSETRAP!

  1. Dude, use those plug-in sonar mouse / pest repellents. Swear to tequila they work wonders.

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