I have a knack for picking good trivia names! Looks like Batman stole a glass for me

We went to weekly trivia last night and I picked our team name. Unfortunately, we got some crazy hard questions so I Got Worms, did not crack the top 6. Oh well, at least I got to squeeze in my weekly salad and Batman stole a football glass for me! I was glad that we got a fashion-related bonus round set of questions that I answered in under one minute. We finished it even before many teams made it up to grab the set of questions, so I’ll call that a small win for the night. 

I’m so glad tomorrow is Friday and I get to leave work at 2PM. Yay! I’m probably just going to use the extra time to clean my apartment. I had to clean my car windows and Armorall the interior today. I mean, I didn’t *have to* but my car was getting dusty. Unfortunately, Andy managed to use up all the Windex and 7/11 didn’t have any (really?!). So I MacGyver’d some by using some of my Avon bubble bath. It actually worked pretty well, who would have thought? I still have to vacuum and wash my car, but I’ll save that for when I go to my parents house.  I can’t wait for the weekend, Erin and I are seeing Divergent and heading out for sushi and shenanigans. 




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3 responses to “I GOT WORMS

  1. I’m not so great at trivia, but we did go to a bingo night at a bar this week. SO FUN.

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