An acupuncture specialist takes appointments at my work two days a week. A few co-workers that have tried it, swear by acupuncture. One uses it for allergies and says her allergies have been really under control for years now. I was considering trying this approach to curb my seasonal allergies, which seem to get worse each year instead of better. I’m getting sick of taking Zyrtec everyday and am willing to try an alternative solution. So I think I’m going to make an appointment and see what happens! I’m not a fan of needles, but I hear it’s really not that bad at all. I’m sure I won’t look though when she is putting in the needles, just the same!

We still haven’t caught the mouse living in my apartment, but I haven’t seen any signs of life (ie. POOP) since I got back from vacation. The little jerk decided to use my bed as it’s litter box while I was away, not really sure how it got up there. But after washing all my bedding, I haven’t seen anything more. Believe me, I check religiously now. Because GROSS! It’s my own fault though, I stuffed a mat under my door thinking it was outside my room, when in fact I think I trapped it there. None of the traps set up have yielded anything though. Hopefully the little asshole has left since the weather is warm. Otherwise we will try renting Andy’s parents cats for a weekend. 




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  1. Definitely try acupuncture! It is nothing like getting a shot. These are more like little pricks, and you feel so great afterwards. I definitely believe in pressure points and all that good stuff. Hope it works out for your allergies. 🙂 Mine have been particularly bad this year.


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