I had a fun day with Erin. We started things off right with a sushi at Ichigo Ichie and I got some tasty rolls. I love the decor in the restaurant, very pretty! I got the Green Monster roll, Spicy Tuna Volcano roll, and a yummy cucumber kani salad. The Green Monster roll has lobster tempura, asparagus, avocado topped with seaweed salad, mango & Thai sauce. The Spicy Tuna Volcano has tuna, avocado, and chopped
red onion in jalapeño sauce. I can’t wait until Erin and I got back again.


After dinner, we both got DQ Blizzards in waffle cones and did some shopping. I got some awesome Star Wars socks and shark attack socks. Plus some new clothes, sunglasses, and Star Wars wallet.

Capture Capture2 Fotor0413160049

After the shopping, we went to see Divergent. Overall, I liked the movie. I know they definitely deviated from the book in some spots. But I didn’t like how he is 29, when Four is actually a teenager in the book. But, Theo James provides some good eye candy. So I didn’t complain when he shows Tris his tattoos.


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