I had a dentist appointment today that I was dreading. I don’t have a fear of going to the dentist, or getting work done. I just simply don’t like to go because I have to take time off work (or make up the time) and ALWAYS end up with a chatty hygienist! I was bracing myself. Hoping I don’t get Chatty Cathy again, or the older woman that spent my visit lecturing me on drinking coffee, soda, or juice, or the Egyptian woman that was overly thorough with my cleaning and took out a ruler to measure gum recession. At long last, I got one of the few normal people. We chatted casually for a minute or two before my appointment and then barely a peep from her through my cleaning and X-rays. HALLELUJAH! At last, a person that doesn’t talk my ear off while cleaning! You have no idea how happy this made me. Also, it’s is pretty sad that made me happy. Now if only this rain would go away…

Oh yeah, an update from my last post. I ran into my upstairs neighbor and he and some other neighbors were also woken up by “A Streetcar Named Shut the Fuck Up” guy. I assumed he was a drunk guy that got booted from his place. Turns out, he was probably looking for his lost dog and was crying in the middle of the street. Now I feel awful, I hope he found his dog! He was clearly very upset by it to spend over an hour at the crack of dawn yelling and pissing off the neighbors across the street. 


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