I had a pretty laid-back weekend. We went out for drinks and also tried Copper House Tavern. I think we will definitely go back to the tavern, the food was good and it wasn’t packed. I got butternut squash ravioli, Andy got a hummus plate, and Brian got a fried chicken sandwich. I think next time I will try the chicken sandwich, it smelled really good! They played a good mix of music and wasn’t super loud, so we could actually carry on conversation. Andy used it as the opportunity to try his water vapor pipe. Don’t worry folks, it’s just water vapor and cherry-vanilla flavored smoke. 


The orange part of the pipe is glittery! I told Andy I want to get a glittery bubble pipe so I can blow bubbles at bars.


Views of the inside, new shoes, and new necklace!


I got a large Yuengling, I love the glass it came in! I also loved the decor

Today I went to my parents house for Easter. It is also their wedding anniversary, so we each pitched in a got them a new patio set. My younger nieces and nephews enjoyed the egg hunt and overload of chocolate! There was 47 courses (as usual-we’re Italian). My cousins also joined us for the egg hunt and dessert. I feel like a balloon now, but whatever!



Yummy chocolate and new outfit


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