I went to the Boston Bloggers meet up last night at the Highball Lounge. Thanks for setting these events up, Alison and Kate! I’ve never been to the Highball before, but it was really nice inside. We also had the entire place to ourselves. This was great considering it was actually way more people this time. I got there early because of the times that the express bus into town shows up. So I had time to relax for a few minutes and take pictures.





The funny thing about these gatherings is that everyone is nervous and fears lulls in conversation. I’m also no stranger to these anxieties, but I always feel better about getting there early. It’s always easier to talk to people in the beginning before the “grouping” takes place. It gets a little tricky when groups of people are together and you insert yourself into the conversation. Thankfully, since everyone is nervous and doesn’t know many people there, inserting yourself into the group is always encouraged. Also, excessive Instagram-ing is also welcomed (PRAISE JEBUS). 

The bar staff and drinks were great at the Highball. We also had some good food! Everyone should try their cheesy tator tots and chicken wings. There was also a photo booth by The Danger Booth set up. I loved this idea! I snapped a few pics with Jen and Aimee, the first people I met. 


I met so many great bloggers, so I’ll show them some link love!

Jen, Aimee, Lea, Mary, Kerri, Joelle, Bev, Elissa, Faith, Kate, Molly, Neha, Rach, and Valerie. Sorry for anyone I left out, I should have brought a pen!



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