Fotor0504180642We had a fun weekend! I rekindled my addiction for Bon Chon on Friday, I’m still drooling over the fried chicken. I also got a crispy salmon salad, caterpillar roll, and an order of soy garlic drumsticks. I saved some of the drumsticks for lunch on Saturday, they don’t disappoint a day later either.

Andy and I went back to the Asgard for dinner and drinks on Satuday…or Loki’s home planet as I call it. Andy got a really good sandwich, and I had the veggie orecchiette. Unfortunately, they were out of the beers I wanted, so I got Wachusett Green Monster instead. I like that they have Presto tablets at each table so you can view the menu and pay the check. We played the Couples Quiz on the tablet and got 100%! They also have a “dogtails” menu for specialty drinks based off characters from the movie Reservoir Dogs. Next time we go, I’ll try a Mr. Orange. 

Today I went to my parents house, not realizing the Walk For Hunger would take a choke-hold on traffic in my area. I had to find some weird ways to/from to avoid the madness. Why can’t they hold these events in western Mass? They always have them in the highly populated areas and the traffic is a nightmare! Anyway, since some asshole bird decided to shat all over my car, I washed it while at my parents. My youngest nephew helped me while wearing this really awesome Batman hoodie. I imagine real Batman couldn’t do a better job! 



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