PuntaCanaOkay, so the pool probably isn’t really a mile long, but it sure looks it! Andy decided to book our trip to Punta Cana last night. There were tons of resorts offering all-inclusive deals so it was hard to pick. But it came down to guest rating, price, beach proximity, and distance from the airport. Plus, the pool looks awesome and it seems pretty easy to find a spot given how long it is. Now I have to get some phone cards! I’m glad we’re traveling to a place that is in the same time zone too, but it will be hard to not use my phone for almost a week. Saving grace is that I can use it to connect to WiFi, but no calls or texts. 

I guess this place has a couple of swim-up bars, but those freak me out. I just keep thinking drunk people getting too lazy to get out to use the bathroom. EWWW, sorry for that imagery! Andy has to get a new passport, so hopefully he doesn’t procrastinate. Otherwise I’ll have to find a friend with a passport that can take the time off work. I’ll stress out about the weather when it gets closer, I always do. 


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