Zorro has been all up in my business the past few days. It probably has to do with the fact I trapped him in the living room with me. I did this in hopes he will catch this damn mouse that won’t F off already. This plan hasn’t really worked, all it’s done is open Zorro up for photo ops since he won’t let me watch Hangover III in peace. I guess I don’t mind that much, he does have a cute face. 

In other news, I was excited to finally wear shorts (since my trip to FL) this weekend. Too bad the temps are going back down this week. BOO! My allergies are making me cranky, can I just be not allergic? I think it has to do with running out of Zyrtec and making myself use up the Allegra I got before getting more Zyrtec. Oh yeah, I’m sad to report I finished watching Veronica Mars. So now I have nothing to more to see! I will have to switch to the books now. 20140510_144354

We had a pretty laid-back Mother’s Day. We met up at my brothers house for brunch, but I stopped by the gas station Dunkin Donuts near their house to get a coffee. I was surprised to see a line, I guess because it’s inside a gas station. Not that it changes the quality of the coffee, I taste no difference. It just means Honey Dew Donuts across the way must really suck if we’re all willing to get gas station coffee!

We also celebrated birthdays of my sister and dad while there. When my fam gets together, we often combine birthdays and events. I can’t believe two of my nephews are graduating high school soon! Thankfully most of the celebrating is happening before and after my upcoming Vegas trip.



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