I’ve never had sangria before, I just assumed I wouldn’t like it since I don’t drink wine. But, a bunch of us went to Tasca for Fiona’s birthday and different sangria was served with each course. There was a lot of tapas to go around, so we were stuffed by the end of the night. I think it would be even better with a smaller group of people so you can get some more of the shared platters. The food was really good, we did the sangria tasting menu and I had about five different types of sangria. My favorite was the mango and my least favorite was the chocolate. I will definitely head back to Tasca again and add sangria into my life!

I felt kinda bad for the tables around us, as we were definitely the loudest group in the restaurant, but it’s a birthday so we need to be loud! Fiona had a good idea to do some trivia in between courses. I didn’t win anything, because I blanked out on some of the questions. I guess the sangria went to my head! Tomorrow is Andy’s birthday and we’re making a super team for trivia, so hopefully we can win. But I think we may end up with too many people on the team to qualify for prizes. BOO!




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