Yesterday was Andy’s “Larry Bird year” birthday (33). It also coincided with the awful Bruins game last night. For some reason, we thought the game was at 7:30PM, so we planned to get to the bar for 7 to hopefully get a table. We were so wrong! Our friend was running late so we didn’t get there until 7:20PM, and the game had already commenced. The place was PACKED and they were not able to give us a time estimate as to when we’d get a table. I was cranky from being hungry and not anticipating the bar to be quite that packed. So my sister and I sneaked out and bought sandwiches from a sub place nearby. Thankfully, we found a nice spot near the side entrance against the bar that isn’t used. So we were able to sneak our subs in and eat at the unattended bar! 

Don’t get me wrong, I would have normally ordered food from the bar but it didn’t look like we would get a table any time soon. So I took matters into my own hands by getting contraband subs and water. Once I was fed, I had a much better time at the bar. It was great to catch up with people I haven’t seen in a while, though it would have been even nicer if the Bruins won! 

In other news, I really LOVE the lineup for the Riot Fest in Chicago this year. The festival happens fall on my 30th birthday, so it would have been nice to celebrate it listening to Social D or Stiff Little Fingers live. I was honestly considering it, but it’s less than a week after I get back from Punta Cana and I just can’t justify spending all the money on 3-day tickets, airfare, hotel, and food/booze. Plus four vacations in one year seems a bit excessive for me. Why can’t Riot Fest come to Boston?! All we have is the Boston Calling, which is over-priced in my opinion. Plus, there are no bands I want to see badly enough to pay the prices. 



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