This will be my second blog post this week with lyrics from the boy band 5ive. Anyone else remember them?! Ginny and I were big fans back in middle school. Anyway, Ginny and I hung out last night and it was a lot of fun! I mean, we always have fun when we hang out. We started things off right by getting to Bon Chon early and ordering delicious fried chicken and sushi. The rolls were so big I practically busted my jaw trying to eat.


After Bon Chon, we went to Sunset Grill waiting for Andy to pick us up. We had these delicious drinks called a “dirty ho” that tasted like raspberry. Once Andy picked us up, we headed into the suburbs to a newly redone bar that has a pool hall in the basement. It’s always fun to go into the burbs once in a while. It’s nice to get reasonably priced drinks and PARKING! I’m sure people at the bar were annoyed with us when we discovered the juke box and requested some 5ive songs. Andy and his brother gave us the money to request songs, not knowing we were going the boy band route. haha! We had a blast dancing to Slam Dunk Da Funk, like we were in that old Disney channel movie Smart House



I had trouble sleeping last night, so at 3am I decided that I really needed bangs again. Thankfully I waited until 3pm today to actualize this vision. Don’t worry folks, I watched some youtube vids on how to properly trim your bangs before attempting this. I think the cut came out pretty good, but I’m sure my hair stylist will find some issues with it. Hey, I’m no expert! I was too impatient to wait another few weeks for my appointment to get bangs. Tough, I’m sure she would have let me stop in and cut them for me really quickly. But I had the urge to try it myself. It probably wasn’t a smart choice, since I’m going on vacation soon. After I cut my own bangs, I put on my new psychedelic pants,  and went to dinner for my nephews graduation. My nephews spent the dinner seeing how many stickers of Frozen characters they could put on my niece before she would notice. They got at least 10 and then we left, so no word on when she noticed the stickers.

Fotor051820169 Fotor0518201656


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