I’m attempting my Vegas recap now, while it’s still fresh in my head. My friends and I landed Friday night 5/23. I didn’t sleep on the plane because I’m crappy at sleeping while seated. But also, I was across from the worst case of ADHD I’ve ever had the misfortune of being trapped with 6 hours. I have no idea what his actual name is, but I dubbed him Lil’ Kevin. Lil’ Kevin looked to be in his early 20s’ and had a group of 5 other “bros” with him. His friends weren’t that annoying, it was Lil’ Kevin that I wanted to spike his drink with a hippo tranquilizer. He couldn’t sit down or shut up for more than a 20 second period. He garnered about 15 seconds of sleep while throwing his legs Indian-style on the seat tray-table. He also wore a bucket hat. I don’t think he got the memo that it’s not 1998 anymore? After we landed, my friends and I booked it as fast as we could to the monorails in a vain attempt at not sharing a tram with him. This was futile, of course Lil’ Kevin selected the same tram. 😐

Anyway, we got our luggage and got stuck in the world’s longest rope maze for a cab. Side note: next year I’m totally opting for a car service! Thankfully it was nighttime, so no searing heat. Once we got to the Venetian, it was a long walk to our room that included two elevators. I think next year I’m staying at the Wynn! The room and hotel were gorgeous though (the room had a sitting area, 2 TV’s, and giant bathroom), and has multiple pools. We never had to struggle getting seats! Jamie and I went to Walgreens to stock up on food, water, and BOOZE. Then we decided to be lame and go to bed. We had a 6AM bus to the Grand Canyon the next day.

Fri Fri2

 After only getting 4-5  hours of sleep, we trekked over to Treasure Island to grab our tour bus. We used the Comedy on Deck tours which included two hot meals and entrance to the Grand Canyon western rim and Hoover Dam. We didn’t stay at the dam very long, but there isn’t much to see there without doing a tour. Once we got to the canyon, we took some pics and paid admission to the Skywalk bridge. They make you wear boot covers while on the glass bridge, to protect the surface. They also don’t allow cameras or bags along the bridge. So we ended up paying for a picture package in what was the most memorable cheesy photoshoot of our lives. The pictures were definitely wayyy over-priced, but we had a lot of fun having our pictures taken. At one point, I worm-crawled across the bridge!

After some delicious BBQ lunch, we  climbed a rock ledge to get spectacular 360* views of the canyon. Thank God we both wore sneakers! We were exhausted by the time we got back to the bus. The guides were able to get us back to Vegas early. We had enough time to shower and get to Serendipity 3 for dinner. I threw on my dress from Ideeli, which is like a rainbow tie-dye design. We also saw Frank Marino’s Diva show, it was awesome! After that, we went to Hyde nightclub at Bellagio. I’m not a club person, so at first I wasn’t having any fun. But after some beers, I danced my face off! I didn’t leave until 3:30am.

SatSat4Sat3Sat2Sat5 Sat6

 On Sunday, we got some spots over by the pool. Then during the afternoon, Jamie and I took a walk to the Mirage for lunch at Carnegie Deli (read GIGANTIC SANDWICHES!). We also walked over to Planet Hollywood to pick up our tickets for the Zombie Burlesque show. Once we had the tickets, I went to the Flamingo to buy my annual Vegas-trip fedora. I was hoping to make it a blue year, but they had limited color selection this time around. So silver it is! That night I threw on my ombre bandage dress from Express and got ready for the awesome Zombie Burlesque show, we had 2nd row seats! We then grabbed dinner at Sugar Factory and went back out to a club. This time we went to Chateau in Paris Hotel. It was only an ok time, the music was kind of weird!

Sun Sun2

On Monday, we went to the pool again. I mean, why not?! That night, I had on my seriously awesome studded feather dress from BeBe. I think I left a trail of feathers in my wake, but I need another occasion to wear it. We had dinner that night at Bouchon for Lizz’s birthday and it was AMAZING! We also went to a cheesy male-stripper show at the Riviera. That end of strip is a bit deserted, so I wouldn’t recommend staying at that end of Vegas. They brought Lizz on stage for a “blind date” with a stripper. It was so cheesy and awesome! Once the show was over, we headed to the Wynn because we were on the guest list for Club XS and Zedd was playing. We had time to kill, so we made friends with the bartender at Society. Now, I did mention that I’m not a club person. So believe me when I say XS was awesome! It’s really cool inside and you can hang out in the pool area as well. I stole glow sticks from someone’s table and danced like it was 1999 all night long. I took a glow stick home. Free souvenir!

Mon Mon2 Mon3

 We went back to the pool again on Tuesday, trying to soak it in since it was COLD and rainy back home. We were able to get ready for dinner early, I opted for my sequin flapper-inspired dress. We went to Tao for some seriously amazing sushi! That night we went to the Criss Angel show at the Luxor. I think it was because were all so tired from too many 4am nights, that the show was only ok. BUT, they did move us from the middle section to like 5 rows back! I think the people next to us were mad we got a free upgrade. I’m opting for David Copperfield next year.  I’m sure his facial expressions alone will keep me awake! Since Tuesday is industry night, there were only a few clubs that were open. So we went back to Hyde, but only stayed until 1 or 2am this time. I think we had partied too much the last few nights and had like no energy!

Tues2 Tues3 Tues4

 The next day we had to pack up to catch an afternoon flight back home. We had an awesome breakfast at Bouchon and am happy to report we experienced no delays getting back to cold and rainy Boston. I already have a list of things prepared for Vegas 2015!

PS. Can I also just mention how WEIRD it was to not stay at the Flamingo or go to events with 60+ people?! I ended up strolling through the Flamingo a few times during my visit, because honestly, I MISS BISC SO MUCH!


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