Maxi dresses have been a thing for a long time now. Up until this weekend, I haven’t owned not even one SINGLE maxi dress. I don’t really have a reasoning behind it, I guess I just assumed they would make me look stumpy since I’m on the shorter side. But I decided to get over it and try one on. I ended up getting one in a store with a new pair of sunglasses (I definitely didn’t need sunglasses) and ordered some more online in different patterns, colors, and styles. We’ll see how the rest go! But the dress I wore this weekend was quite comfortable and has a nice fit!



So I think I have to admit I have a cold. I was feeling a bit “off” since I got back from my trip. I figured it had to do with only getting an average of 4 hours of sleep each night. But I’ve definitely caught up on sleep and have to admit I have a cold now. I even tried to blame allergies, but allergy pills don’t help. Oh well, I’ll just take it easy today, which I haven’t been doing.

I woke up and cleaned the bathroom and felt okay. I then decided to go for a walk and totally regret that choice, my legs now ache! I find this funny because last Saturday Jamie and I got up at 5am for the Grand Canyon where we proceeded to do a lot of walking and rock climbing. Once we returned, we walked to the restaurant and clubs. At the club I proceeded to dance until almost 4am and I did a lot of “getting low” maneuvers. I woke up on Sunday feeling perfectly fine (hacked up feet not included). Now cleaning a bathroom and a  30 minute walk render me useless? C’mon self, get over this stupid cold! I’m thinking of using this as an excuse to order takeout again, even though I should be saving money from all the vacation meals. 


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