I had a pretty chill weekend, I didn’t want to get carried away since I just returned to reality on Thursday. I still regret coming back, can I become a zombie burlesque dancer?! Anyway, there was some partying and drinking but nothing crazy. Fotor0601171221I got some new jewelry which I’m excited to wear! I was too lazy to take pictures of all of it, so I included a few pieces. I love cheapo costume jewelry. For me it’s about quantity not quality, haha! I like pairing jean jackets with dresses, so I wore the jacket with my cobalt Express dress. I love sunny days so I can wear my only expensive sunglasses, a pair of RayBan vagabonds. I also took some artsy-fartsy pictures of a cool lamp I saw.


Along my walk yesterday, I took lots of flower pictures. I should have taken it easy since I don’t feel great, but too late now! 


We also did a bit of shopping over the weekend. Andy bought some Lego’s and I was happy he got a set that includes R2D2 as a bar. Or baR2-D2 in this case? Andy has the patience for building things, I don’t. I just watch a movie while he assembles his creations. 


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