When  I saw this article last week, I was so pumped! I’ve always had a soft spot for the Wonder Years TV series, despite being fairly small when it was actually on air. I remember watching it when I was in second grade or so, which would have coincided with the later seasons. Despite not liking the later seasons when I was younger, I did like the reruns of the earlier episodes. I always looked forward to watching it and was bummed when it was no longer on the air at all. 

I guess when I was in middle school Nick at Nite dubbed the show “old enough” to air it. I remember being illogically excited over this. I stayed up until 10pm on a school night to watch it each night. I mean, I was committed! Years after that it shifted from Nick at Nite to ABC Family during the afternoon. I still managed to watch it when I got home from school while doing homework. After a while, it went back off the air again. I don’t remember when exactly, it was probably when I was getting ready for college or in college. During a time when I didn’t have time to watch it anyway. 

From time to time, I’ll notice it on some random channel. But Netflix really stepped up their game and you can stream all the seasons! Once in a while, I’ll watch a few episodes. I find it funny that it’s something I’ve never gotten sick of since I was a kid. Totally cheesy, right?! I’ll admit it!



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